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The ADHAT Line is an easy and quick way to make a donation

Many people feel the need to offer some support to the community they are part of, but their own financial situations do not allow them to make any big donation. The ADHAT Line was designed to accommodate this group of people who feel the need to help.

The idea behind the system designed and operated by the NIOK Foundation (Nonprofit Information and Education Center, (www.adhatvonal.hu) is that “large streams from little fountains flow.” In other words, it is possible to offer effective help to a nonprofit organization by making small, but regular donations. And to make it easy to donate: you can simply use your mobile phone!

It is very easy to do this:

No matter which mobile phone company you use, you just have to dial 13600. Then, punch in the number 29, which is the code for the JDC-MAZS Foundation. A donation of HUF 250, less than the cost of a cappuccino, will be added to your phone bill, and the money will be transferred to the JDC-MAZS Foundation.

You will be charged for a text message, while giving a real helping hand to the community!

You can make the donations from prepaid phones or against your monthly bill:

Phone company


Monthly bill

Magyar Telekom

HUF 250 minus VAT charge

HUF 250

Telenor Hungary

HUF 250

HUF 250

Vodafone Hungary

HUF 250

HUF 250




JDC-MAZS obtained a slot in the ADHAT network as a public service organization, and has been granted use of the line until December 31, 2016.The Foundation intends to divide up the donations received through the phone contributions among the following eight programs:

Thank you in advance for your help. If you have any friends or acquaintances who you think might like this way of making a donation, let them know what number to call to help us:


For more information on the ADHATLine, check out the  www.adhatvonal.hu website.