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The foundation is a non-political international organization working for the Hungarian Jewish community and is committed to openness and cooperation. Its activities are quite diverse. It runs a series of pioneering social, community building, health maintenance, and humanitarian programs. They include the Program for Holocaust Survivors, Balint JCC, JDC-Lauder Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp, the Judafest Series of Jewish Cultural Festivals and the Jewish Film Festival (ZSIFI), the Intergenerational Program, the Jaffe Jewish Family Service, the Women’s Health Maintenance Program, the Orange Grove Donation Center, and the Mozaik Jewish Community Hub. Each is a model for the other organizations in the non-profit sphere.

What we have achieved so far
The Holocaust Survivors’ Program offers regular support to over 4,000 elderly people with custom-made packages of services.
The Balint JCC organizes colorful events aimed at presenting Jewish culture and emphasizing dialogue (by way of lectures, conversations, music, dance, films, holidays, children’s programs, and the like) for over 20,000 visitors a year.
The JDC-Lauder Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp accommodates over 3,000 campers a year. They include young people from 30 countries, elderly people from the community, families, and a group of people with Down syndrome. The camp has become a legend in its time and the number of applicants for spaces goes up year after year.
The Judafest Series of Jewish Cultural Festivals attracts 10,000 visitors a year and is one of Budapest’s most popular summer events.
The Budapest Jewish Film Festival (ZSIFI) drew in 2,000 people last summer.
The Jaffe Jewish Family Service has helped 646 registered families / 1,181 children to create better living conditions since it was launched in 2006.
Some 15,000 people have attended the lectures and screenings of the Women’s Health Maintenance Program since 2007.
The establishment of the Mozaik Hub in 2014 was itself a pioneering event, one with a positive impact on the community. Its goal is to offer professional support to community and civil organizations working to promote the Jewish community and Jewish values, and to contribute on longer term to building a self-sustaining Jewish community.