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Legal Disclaimers

Disclaimer of the www.mazs.hu website

The domain names of the website are the property of the: 

Hungarian Jewish Social Support Foundation
(hereinafter: MAZS Foundation)
registered seat: 1075 Budapest, Síp u. 12.
tax number: 19664651-2-42

By starting to use the website all users shall implicitly accept the terms of use and the data protection conditions and rules stipulated below.

The operator of the present website is the MAZS Foundation. The MAZS Foundation strives to ensure that the information and data on the www.mazs.hu website are accurate and complete and available to Users.


The information, data and conditions published on this website are only informative; the MAZS Foundation accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the completeness or accuracy thereof.

The individual views and opinions expressed on the site do not necessarily reflect those of the MAZS Foundation. In all cases, the MAZS Foundation retains the right to remove any comment, material from the website at any time, which is not in compliance with the spirit of MAZS Foundation.

The published information on the website does not qualify as legal-, business or other advice. The MAZS Foundation assumes no liability for the damage arising from business or other decisions made on the basis of or due to the information published on the website.

Use of the information on this website is the responsibility of User. Users of the site may use it at their own risk and the MAZS Foundation shall not be liable for any loss or damage as a consequence of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete content.


The copyright of this website's content belongs to the MAZS Foundation, save the cases when a different source is indicated in the specific document or a statement to the contrary is made with regard to the copyright. 

The intellectual products of third parties in articles, studies and other documents published on the www.mazs.hu website may only be used subject to the provisions of Act LXXXVI of 1999 on Copyright. Any other use going beyond these restrictions shall be subject to the author's consent. 

The MAZS Foundation explicitly draws the User's attention to the fact that content on the website are under copyright and trademark protection, therefore the use of the website content in any form exceeding or differing from personal use may only be performed with the written permission of MAZS Foundation. In the case of copyright and trademark infringements, MAZS Foundation reserves the right to enforce its claim and take the necessary legal steps. MAZS Foundation may assert its claim in case of any infringement it becomes aware of. Non-enforcement of the right does not constitute a waiver thereof.

Related websites

External links may be found on the website (so called hyperlinks), which provide automatic connection to other internet websites. The content downloaded by following the external links is beyond the control of the operator of this website. The website only provides the reference to the connected websites, and it assumes no obligation or responsibility whatsoever for the content of such websites or the information thereon. MAZS Foundation assumes no liability for the confidentiality and data protection practice of the owners of other websites.

Modification of the content of the website

The MAZS Foundation reserves the right to change – partially or entirely – the content of the website, or remove or modify the uploaded documents at any time.

Discussions and Community Tools

From time to time, MAZS Foundation makes chat rooms, forums, message boards, news groups and other community tools available to you. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information for other users to view and for MAZS Foundation to use. For example, from time to time, MAZS Foundation may use the content the Users write (including the name or screen name in case of posts) for promotional purposes, in e-mail newsletters or elsewhere, and by using the website and/or these chat rooms, forums, message boards, news groups, and other community tools, the User agrees that MAZS Foundation may do so. All Users should exercise caution when deciding to disclose personal information in these areas, since anyone - not just MAZS Foundation - may use publicly posted information.

Data Protection

The MAZS Foundation respects and treats in confidentiality - in full compliance with the relevant legislation - all User data that comes to their possession through web statistical analysis, registration or subscription to the newsletter.

By providing the MAZS Foundation with any personal data, the User authorizes the MAZS Foundation to register and manage such data for the purpose and time determined by the nature of the data provision.

The MAZS Foundation manages any personal data obtained during the use of the web site in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information, the Act VI of 1998 on the proclamation of the international convention issued on 28 January 1981 in Strasbourg on protection of the individual during mechanical processing of personal data, and the operating, ethical and procedural rules of the Association of Hungarian Content Service Providers for content service provision.

The MAZS Foundation shall under no circumstance – other than those stipulated by law and without the express written permission of the person concerned – disclose the data obtained by it to third parties.

MAZS does not send cookies and only observes IP addresses in order to assess which pages receive the most visitors. These IP addresses are not connected to any personal data, so visitors to the website remain anonymous.


By giving your personal details during subscription to the newsletter service on www.mazs.hu and by expressly accepting the reference to this, you consent that employees of the developer, operator and content provider of www.mazs.hu may contact you at the contact details you provide. Data given by you during subscription will be deleted within 3 working days of receiving written notification from you, as user, to delete the data. Please send any written notification to delete the data by e-mail to mazsa@jdc.hu.

Personal data provided for subscription to the newsletter will be treated in confidentiality, and used exclusively for the purposes of sending the newsletter and for preparing statistics which do not allow personal identification. MAZS does not give personal data to any third party except with the prior express permission of the person concerned. We make every effort to ensure that these data may not be accessed, altered or deleted by unauthorized third parties.

The newsletter service may be used voluntarily by visitors. Visitors acknowledge that the newsletter service may only be used by subscribing to the service (giving name and e-mail address) and after accepting these legal disclaimer principles.

All newsletters sent by MAZS include the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter service. Unsubscription from the newsletter service can be done directly or be sending an e-mail to mazsa@jdc.hu, which is found at the bottom of every newsletter.


In case of noticing any breach of rules with regard to this website, please kindly contact the following designated agent of MAZS Foundation: 

Name: …………………………….
Email: ……………………………….
Phone: ……………………………..

If you have any questions about the content of the website or copyright issues, please contact us at the contact details specified on the webpage.